The Uniting Church stands alongside those at the fringe of society, the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed. The Social Justice Commission has a commitment to solidarity and advocacy. The Commission helps resource the Church to engage in public issues and debates within the wider community, to address issues of social concern and to take action where appropriate.UnitingJustice Logo

Social Justice Commission – advocacy, lobbying, research and policy development, resourcing & networking.

Why Election Resources

As part of our resourcing role, every election year the Social Justice Commission seeks to inform the Uniting Church community of issues we see as important to consider when voting.

God calls to us be the good news in the world: to bring justice, peace and hope.

This resource is entitled “Not just me: making my vote count for our community”.  As Christians we are challenged to not just concern ourselves with ‘what’s in it for me?” but ‘what’s good for all of us?”

The material is non-party political.  We wish to move beyond the slogans and look to the heart of the issues. It contains material to help Church members identify important issues facing Western Australia, listen to politicians and political parties with discernment, and cast an informed vote.

How were the topics chosen?
We have identified a small number of areas of state government responsibility which has concerned the Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia in recent years. They may also be areas in which the Synod has a particular work or agency which is engaged in the relief of suffering or provision of services to those in need.
We are also informed by the resolutions of the Uniting Church National Assembly, wherever they impact on state government responsibilities.

What do we want people to do with this resource?

  • Be informed
  • Be inspired to find out more
  • Follow the topics up with candidates standing for election
  • Share and discuss with others in your church and community








This 2017 State Election Resource has been produced by the Social Justice Commission of the Uniting Church in Western Australia. We hope it will be read by the members of our Church and any others who share our faith and our passion for justice.
We appreciate feedback – please contact us:
Uniting Church in Western Australia
Social Justice Unit
The Uniting Church Centre 85-89 Edward St Perth Ph 9260 9800
Email geoffrey.bice@wa.uca.org.au



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Stuart R.Dunstan

    I’m very impressed by the leaflet Not Just Me which was collected at the Spearwood UCA today. It seems to cover all of the important social justice issues. The alcohol/bans/restrictions for aboriginal people needs to be extended to cover an approach to the rest of the community by way of increased education, especially amongst younger people who use drinking as a crutch, causing many accidents and leading to crimes, violence and use of other drugs. It would in effect save Millions of dollars and lots of misery. Thanks for speading the message in WA. I would like to see the church’s social justice message spead much wider in the community. I worked in the Social Work industry for about 28 years and know all about the problems.


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